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Credential Cam Pro


1 Unit

Our Price $499.99

Credential Cam Pro ID Badging Camera

  1. High resolution still image camera with synchronized USB-powered LED flash
  2. Camera features: compact industrial design, allows for streaming video, USB cord provides power to camera and flash
  3. Optional upgrades: tripod and photo backdrop

The Credential Cam Pro Photo ID Camera was designed with flexibility in mind. Because Credential Cam Pro is USB based, there is no need for a frame grabber. Instead, a single USB cable provides power, video frames, control, and data transfer - all at your fingertips on your PC.

The Credential Cam Pro viewer can operate this camera without the need for any third party software. It will auto recognize that the camera is plugged in and will show the corresponding controls and features for the camera.

A TWAIN driver is included with the Credential Cam Pro.

Synchronized USB powered LED flash for consistent high-quality images in any environment.

This fixed lens camera can utilize any CS mount lens. The lens may be changed out for a more optimal focus length. Varifocal lenses allow a wider range of focal lengths within one lens.

Note: Use a Megapixel lens with the Megapixel camera in order to maintain the full resolution.

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