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Nisca PR5350-LAM Card Printer Dual-Sided with Lamination (PR5350-LAM)

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Nisca PR5350-LAM Card Printer Dual-Sided with Lamination (PR5350-LAM)

  1. Direct to card printing
  2. Dual-sided printing
  3. Dual-sided lamination
  4. Warranty: 2 years

The NEW PR5350-LAM offers a small foot-print, 24-bit color, 256-Grayscale, security lamination, encoding options and prints at the astounding speed of over 164 cards/hour and 16MB of memory!

The PR5350-LAM joins the PR5300 series of printers and has the same NiSCA quality, manufactured in their ISO certified production facility. The new printer offers brilliant 24-bit images printed on CR80 and CR79 cards with thicknesses ranging from 20 to 50 mils.

The PR5350-LAM is available with options for MagStripe, IC Chip, RFID reading and encoding similar to the PR5310's options; and also security lamination with the addition of the PR5302 laminator. Variable UV printing is also available for an additional security layer.

Key Benefits

  1. High-speed printing-over 164 cards per hour*
  2. RFID ready/write ready
  3. HID Prox and iCLASS modules available
  4. MIFARE modules available
  5. Legic modules available
  6. Desfire modules available
  7. Contact IC modules available
  8. Full color, edge-to-edge printing
  9. 300 dpi dye-sublimation printing technology
  10. Industry-leading 24-bit continuous tone printing
  11. Dual sided printing
  12. Dual sided security lamination
  13. Quick change ribbon cassette
  14. USB 2.0
  15. Fully Windows compatible driver
  16. Password protected driver
  17. Variable UV printing

PR5350 ID Card Printer Options

  1. PR5302 Laminator for patch or thinflim security holograms
  2. PR5361 Magnetic strip encoder
  3. HID Prox / MIFARE reading module
  4. HID iCLASS read/write module
  5. Legix read/write module
  6. IC-contact chip module

  • Direct to card printing
  • Dual-sided printing
  • Dual-sided lamination
  • Warranty: 2 years