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EPI Suite Classic ID Card Software 11-03-01

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SKU: 11/3/2001

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EPI Suite Classic ID Card Software 11-03-01

  1. Internal database
  3. Batch import/export DB

EPI Suite is the market's most robust photo ID software solution that enables users to design, print and encode high security, professional ID cards and credentials.

EPI Suite's extensive set of features incorporate ease-of-use and efficiency into every step. ImageWare's smart face-finding tool enables any camera to automatically locate, center and crop a face. Through its customized camera driver, the image is then easily transferred into the database to speed and simplify the ID card enrollment process. As a result, users can create consistent, high-quality photo ID cards quickly, with minimal training.

EPI Suite comes with pre-configured card designs- or users may custom create an unlimited number of full-color, dual-sided card designs. EPI Suite also comes with a variety of design tools that enable users to:

  1. Add bar codes and magnetic strips to card designs
  2. Import graphics for backgrounds
  3. Add logos, text and more

What truly separates EPI Suite apart is its ability to efficiently manage large amounts of data, images and card designs, so users don't have to. As a result, searching for, sorting and creating multiple cards is much faster and easier. And to enhance security, EPI Suite is password protected and includes the ability to encode data onto cards with magnetic stripes, bar codes or smart chips.

Regardless of your organization's specific requirements, there is an EPI Suite product that is right for you:

EPI Suite ClassicEPI Suite Classic is ImageWare's mid-level photo ID and badging software built to meet the requirements of medium-sized organizations such as hospitals, schools or corporations. EPI Suite Classic enables users to design, populate and print hundreds of ID cards on a single workstation while accommodating dual-sided, multiple card printing, and encoding bar code and magnetic stripes inline with the printing process.

Key Features:

  1. Smart face finding feature for consistent images on each ID
  2. Dual-sided card design
  3. Unlimited records
  4. Includes a database
  5. Magnetic stripe and bar code encoding
  6. Multiple ID cards per person
  7. Five images per person
  8. Create and delete cards in batches
  9. Available in English, French, German, Spanish,
  10. Simple Chinese and Arabic

  • Internal database
  • Batch import/export DB