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Nisca PR5302 Lamination Module for PR5300, PR5310 or PR5350 Printers


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Nisca PR5302 Lamination Module for PR5300, PR5310 or PR5350 Printers

  1. Lamination module
  2. Dual-sided laminating
  3. Field upgradeable
  4. Warranty: 2 years

When you need to increase the durability and/or secure the data on your cards, add one or two PR5302 laminators to your NiSCA PR5300, PR5310 or PR5350 card printer.

Easy installation. The NiSCA PR5302 laminator is designed to be automatically configured and operational when attached to your NiSCA printer with no additional tools required. This easy integration is optimal for field upgrades. So, even if you've already purchased a NiSCA PR5300, PR5310 or PR5350 printer, you can easily apply lamination to your card application at any time.

High speed and energy efficient. The PR5302 offers high speed lamination for standard CR80 cards. It features a state-of-the-art RS-422 high speed communication port that interfaces with the card printer, and allows the printer's firmware and driver to optimally configure the unit for a variety of laminate materials.

Its innovative heat roller is designed for quick heat-up and cool-down, allowing you to start printing and laminating in under 2 minutes! Plus, the NiSCA PR5302 laminator boasts a long life and its heating elements are more energy efficient than those used in other systems.

User-configurable settings. The NiSCA PR5302 laminator features sensitive position adjustment settings to optimally locate the laminate on the card. Temperature and speed settings allow the user to configure the laminator to just the correct setting for their specific laminate to ensure a perfect bond. Additionally, the NiSCA PR5302 offers a "sleep" mode so the unit does not remain at operating temperature while not in use.

  • Lamination module
  • Dual-sided laminating
  • Field upgradeable
  • Warranty: 2 years