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HID ISOProx II 1386LGGMN-120128 (Custom Thickness)


SKU: 1386LGGMN-120128

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HID ISOProx II 1386LGGMN-120128

  1. 125 kHz
  2. Printable graphic quality PVC
  3. Approx. 3" X 2", 0.49 custom thickness

The ISOProx II allows you to print identification information on the same card that you use for access control. No reason to have two cards for your employees. We can send you a sample card upon request with no obligation. This unique product gives you the chance to customize the thickness to how you like them.

Approximately 3" X 2", 0.49 custom thickness.

Note: Some cards and/or formats may require a minimum order quantity of 100 cards.

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