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Jolly ID Flow 7 Premier Edition ID Card Software - IF7-PRE

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Jolly ID Flow 7 Premier Edition ID Card Software - IF7-PRE

  1. Internal database
  2. Smart card support
  3. SQL/MySQL/ODBC/Oracle/OLE

The latest in Jolly ID Card software! Known for rich feature sets, ease of use and reasonable pricing, Jolly Technologies offer a suite of products that focus on secure identification and data management.

Jolly ID Flow card software offers productivity and flexibility to its users by incorporating an advanced information management platform, database connectivity, design and automation tools. ID Flow is Jolly Technologies innovative ID card software solution for the management and printing of secure ID cards. Jolly ID Flow card software is available in three editions Small Business, Corporate and Enterprise.

The Jolly ID Flow Premier Edition ID card software is the best fit for you when:

  1. You need advanced field formatting capabilities
  2. Advanced security is a key issue
  3. ID cards need to be printed from a third party program
  4. Batch updating is necessary

Design Features

  1. Design & issue PVC or paper badges
  2. Pre-designed templates
  3. Rich text formatting
  4. Import & edit images
  5. Create layers on card design, similar to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
  6. Elements and layers can be conditionally printed
  7. 1- and 2-D barcodes
  8. Magnetic stripe
  9. Smart card encoding

Database Features

  1. Real-time database editor
  2. Link card design to any database, file- or server-based
  3. Populate fields with ID scanner
  4. Photo / signature capture support
  5. Store search / subgroup filters
  6. Stand-alone database
  7. Connectivity to Microsoft Access, Excel, CSV text files, MS SQL, My SQL, Oracle, & ODBC/OLE
  8. Customizable data entry screen layout
  9. Customizable, advanced field formatting and drop-down lists
  10. Batch record updating
  11. Database record importing & exporting

Printing Features

  1. PVC card printer support
  2. Full-color, two-sided printing support with selective black (K) panel printing
  3. Batch printing
  4. Post-print database field updating
  5. Print cards via a third party application

Security Features

  1. File password protection
  2. User authorization
  3. UV printing for added security
  4. Secure watermark

  • Internal database
  • Smart card support