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Asure ID Express 7 ID Card Software Digital Delivery 86512


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Asure ID Express 7 ID Card Software Digital Delivery 86512

  1. Excel/CSV connectivity
  2. ODBC/OLE import
  3. Sig. panel, 2-D barcodes
  4. Digital Delivery of Software - PLEASE CHOOSE GROUND SHIPPING - we will email the license key to the email you provide at check out.

Asure ID Express 7 is a powerful tool in a friendly package.

It is the ideal choice for organizations looking for an affordable and even easier-to-use stand alone photo ID card software with advanced card design and batch printing capabilities. Additionally, Asure ID 7 is built on the Microsoft .NET technology platform for greater stability and interoperability.

Key Benefits:

  1. Improved User Interface - based on the familiar Microsoft Ribbon look-and-feel, design and manage photo IDs with minimal training
  2. Databases Demystified - Asure ID comes with an internal database and Live Link makes it easy to print cards from other Microsoft Access databases on the PC
  3. Simplified Printer Functions - design and print cards without having to open and configure complicated printer drivers
  4. Robust Reporting Suite - standard ready-to-view reports, manipulating data with filtering, sorting and grouping has never been easier to configure and save in a custom report
  5. Low Maintenance - automatic notifications of free software updates to ensure that the software is never outdated


Additional Options Available:

Asure ID Express Does Not Offer Additional License Options 

ASURE ID Exchange Protection Plans

  1. 1 Yr. Protection Plan - 86452
  2. 2 Yr. Protection Plan - 86477

 Printer Compatibility

HID is focused on ease of use and building scalable ID software that will grow with your business.

Asure ID 7 is optimized to maximize performance with FARGO Printer/Encoders, however, it also works with other popular printers in the marketplace. Below is a list of printers compatible with Asure ID software:

Asure ID Works with the Following Printers

  1. All FARGO DTC & HDP Printer/Encoders
  2. Datacard Card Printers
  3. DIS Card Printers
  4. Evolis Card Printers
  5. Nisca Card Printers
  6. Zebra Card Printers

  1. Compatible with Windows 8 Pro Tablet
  2. Password log-on with definable user privileges
  3. Languages supported: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Arabic, Turkish, and Czech
  4. ODBC import
  5. MS Access (2000, 2003) database supported via Live Link (real time data exchange)
  6. Fluorescing Panel (F-Panel) Support
  7. Add compound data field
  8. Integrated signature capture
  9. Add linear and 2D bar codes (PDF417, QR Code, & Datastripe)
  10. Sheet and batch printing
  11. Add magnetic stripe
  12. Save and search records
  13. Dual-sided printing
  14. Integrated photo capture (TWAIN & WIA)
  15. Dual-sided template designs
  16. Import images (e.g., logos & graphics)
  17. Add text and data field (variable and static)
  18. Automated notifications of software updates
  19. Supports standard and custom reports that can be viewed in Asure ID or exported for easy distribution
  20. Optional annual/multi-year support packages

  • Excel/CSV connectivity
  • ODBC/OLE import
  • Sig. panel, 2-D barcodes
  • Digital Delivery of Software