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05139 Expiring Hangtag "VISITOR PARKING PERMIT" - 500 Pack


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05139 Expiring Hangtag "VISITOR PARKING PERMIT"

  1. Expiring Hangtag
  3. Pkg of 500

Card stock parking permits help identify unauthorized vehicles. To activate, apply adhesive timing cover on top of the permit. Works in conjunction with the timing covers. Requires a timing cover.

Our TEMPbadge™ expiring parking permit solution is an excellent tool for parking facilities attempting to cut down on vehicles staying past their allotted time. These permits combine with the appropriate expiring timing cover to expire after one day, providing clear visual indication that a vehicle should no longer be on the premises.

These parking permits require an expiring timing cover to activate the expiration: once a timing cover has been attached, the cover will read "E-X-P-I-R-E-D" after 1 day.

Made of sturdy cardstock and featuring several lines where handwritten information can be added, this expiring permit is designed to be left on a vehicle's dashboard, as opposed to hanging the permit from the rearview mirror. The hangtag also features a printed "VISITOR" title, making it clear that the vehicle doesn't belong to an employee.

Size = 3" x 5"

Sold in quantities of 500

  • Expiring Hangtag
  • Requires timing cover to activate expiration
  • Pkg of 500