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T5907A Thermal-printable TIMEbadge - 1000 Pack


SKU: 05907

1 Unit

Our Price $52.00

T5907A Thermal-printable TIMEbadge

  1. Thermal-printable
  2. TIMEbadge Clip-on
  3. Half Day / One Day
  4. Pkg of 1000

This badge back features a purple bar at the top and is available in additional colors, allowing you to use different colors to quickly identify different types of guest.

The badge back requires a half-day or one-day badge front for use.

Combine the front and back to activate the expiration, and the badge will show as expired after either a half day or full day.

This badge back is slotted, allowing a badge clip, reel or lanyard to easily attach to the wearer.

Size = 3" x 3"

Minimum order = 1000 pieces

  • Thermal-printable
  • Clip-on Backpart
  • Half Day / One Day
  • Pkg of 500