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SwiftColor 3.5"x5.5" Printable Cards - PVC Glossy - P3-109-001


SKU: P3-109-001

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SwiftColor P3-109-001 Oversized Printable Cards

  1. White 100% PVC cards
  2. Superior/graphic quality cards
  3. 100 cards per pack
  4. 3.5'' x 5.5'' over-sized card
  5. 30 mil thickness
  6. For Use with SwiftColor SCC400D Printers

The SwiftColor P3-109-001 non-punched PVC gloss printable 3.5'' x 5.5'' cards are designed for use specifically with the SwiftColor oversized inkjet printer.

Typically used for oversized badges, marketing collateral, and trade shows, these white, 30 mil event size cards are ideal for printing vibrant images and intricate designs.

Qty. 100

For use with SwiftColor SCC400D Printers.